Out of Melbourne Australia, comes a new style of talent that is making every listener one by one, believe that “Arizon”, is a name to keep both eyes and ears on. His debut release in late 2013 “The World To Me“(Digital Empire) was all over the beatport charts and then his remixes of “Changes” and “Tomorrow” quickly became some of his most popular works and his debut single “Washed Away” (Export Elite) also charted in both progressive house and electro house beatport charts; in 2014 he would make a big comeback with a new single on Export Elite “AERO” which premiered on with additional blog support from well respected edm sites such as, and others to then follow up with his next big single on beatport “Leaving” with remixes from the likes of Culture Code (reached #17 on beatports top 100 dubstep tracks) and Speaker Of The House (featured on and other great music blogs), Ecotek and Cheb’Five.

The self proclaimed bedroom producer assures that every single production he brings to you will be different every time, whether it be an original or a remix, he will vary up the style, be it electro, dubstep, progressive, glitch hop.. but always with his own melodic feel & vocal chops, giving it that signature “Arizon” sound that will instantly get you hooked to his music, going deep into the “ariZone” which means you must hit play to understand what this description fails to translate.


Agency: Export Elite


The artist

Nationality: Australian

Resident in: Melbourne, Australia